Sunday, January 22, 2017

How to Unlock a Locked Yahoo Account?

Yahoo is an amazing Email service provider. It offers a number of features which lets you to make the most out of its web services. There are various amazing services provided by Yahoo, like Yahoo answers, Yahoo mail, Yahoo news, Yahoo movies, and many more such options. Certain options are also available using which you can use Yahoo mail on any internet enabled devices. It can be used on mobile devices by the use of dedicated apps as well. Some options also let you to access Yahoo Emails on third party software. Sometimes the Yahoo account may be locked if the user does not follow the guidelines provided by Yahoo. In such a case they may not be able to access their Yahoo account. In such a case it becomes quite necessary to unlock this locked Yahoo account. Hence the simple way to Reset Yahoo Password  and unlock a locked Yahoo account is mentioned below.

When Yahoo accounts can be locked by Yahoo?

Yahoo accounts can be locked in certain scenarios when you do not follow the guidelines provided by Yahoo. Some of the most commonly known reasons which cause the Yahoo account of the users to be locked are as follows:
·         Typing incorrect password a number of times
·         Yahoo account suspects hacking attempts on your ID
·         Spam marked by the receivers of the Email
·         Send more than the specified number of mails
·         Suspicious activities on your Yahoo account
·         POP and IMAP settings changes
·         Logging in to your Yahoo account from multiple accounts at a time
·         Granting access to unauthorized third party software

How to fix locked Yahoo account problem?

In order to fix the problem of locked Yahoo account, you can go through the steps mentioned below and get the problem fixed instantly on your own.
·         Restart your browser after clearing the browser cookies and cache.
·         Restart your PC.
·         Disable any conflicting plug-ins, add-ons, and extensions that cause the problems.
·         Remove any conflicting software.
·         Try it on some other browser recommended by Yahoo. Make sure that you are using the latest version of the web browser.
·         Try it on some other system.
These steps make sure that your problem is fixed. If the problem persists give a call on Yahoo Mail Technical Support Number and get the problem fixed immediately by the experts. For any other problems related to Yahoo, experts can be contacted

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

[Fix] Yahoo Slow Response Error Fixed - Instant Solution

Yahoo mail is one of the most amazing Email service available which can be used to send and receive Emails. It provides a simple and beautiful interface which is visually aesthetic and can quite easily perform the tasks that you wish to. Various outstanding features are available which make use of the latest technical innovations available today. This in turn eases the task and increases the safety and security of your account and prohibits any illegal use of your account. This also helps in the prevention of the hacking attempts. Sometimes you may come across a situation when the Yahoo account loads slowly and may take a longer time to load. This might turn out to be frustrating to the users and hamper their user experience. The slow response in the Yahoo Mail is due to various reasons. Most of the times, it occurs due to the fault of the users. In quite a few scenarios, it might be due to the problem at the Yahoo server side.

What is the identification of Yahoo account loading slowly?

If you are facing the issues mentioned below, these signify that your Yahoo mail is loading slowly.
  •          Take long time to load Emails.
  •          Take long time to delete Emails.
  •          To browse between folders long time is required.
  •          Keyboard and mouse actions taking longer time to execute.

In such scenarios you need to go through the steps mentioned below to make sure that the problem is fixed as soon as it is encountered.
  •          Logout and relogin into your Yahoo account.
  •          Make sure that you are using the latest version of the web browser.
  •          Restart your web browser or your computer.
  •          Make sure that you are having a reliable hi-speed internet connection.
  •          Clear your browser cookies and cache.
  •          Remove the extensions that might be causing the problem.
  •          Delete any software causing the problem.
  •          Enable the JavaScript.
  •          Reset your browser settings.

There are chances that these settings will help you fix the Yahoo slow loading issues. In very few cases the problem is not solved after going through the steps mentioned below. In case the problem is not fixed you can give a ring on Yahoo Customer Support Number and get the problem fixed by the experts instantly by the experts. 24*7 support is provided over the year to make sure that the problem is fixed as soon as it is encountered.